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            Setting up a Holiday Message

            With the Christmas and New Year's fast approaching, many businesses will contact us asking advice on how to set up a holiday message to play to their customers during the holiday break.

            The most important advice we can give on this topic is DO NOT leave your holiday message set up to the last minute! You can never begin preparations too early. Dependent on your system brand, model type, and even the level of voicemail you are using, how your message needs to be set up can involve quite a few steps to program so calling up on your last day is never a good idea.

            In our experience, the best approach is to contact Reliance and provide us with the following information:

            • The dates that your business will be closed over the holiday period
            • Any early closing times that you may have on your last day of operation e.g. closing at lunchtime on Christmas Eve
            • Whether you would like a custom holiday message to play during these closed periods, or simply your standard greeting
            • Any other days that you may need to be closed during this period e.g. closing for a Christmas party

            With this information, Reliance can then program your holiday greeting for you so that it all happens automatically (manually activated messages are also available at your request).

            To submit your request for a holiday greeting today, email our helpdesk at or simply click "Submit a Ticket" at the top of this webpage.

            Thank you

            Goran Jovanovski
            Service Delivery Manager

            Updated: 11 Dec 2016 12:06 PM
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